Understanding that people have particular tastes as well as varying internet connection speeds, each of the MPGs has a small, preview version. These are merely low quality 160x120 versions that are approximate 8 - 10 times smaller in file size. Thus a 5MB MPG has a corresponding preview that is approximately 500kb. If you're unsure if you want a particular MPG based on the corresponding image and description, I recommend trying the preview version first.

In all cases, because many browsers will attempt to auto-play an online video clip, it is recommended that you use the following procedure to save the file to your hard disk, and then play it from there:

Windows: RIGHT-CLICK on the link and select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.
Macintosh: CLICK-HOLD on the link and select "Save This File As..." from the pop-up menu.

Updated: 13 December 2003

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Christmas Yawns #1
A compilation of 39 yawning clips (mostly big cats) in one MPG, set to George Winston's "Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head".
( 2:32 )

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